Development and production of castings in grey cast iron, nodular iron, Ni-resist and CGI for the automotive industry

Plant specialized in the development and production of  components in various types of cast iron for the automotive industry, in some cases also pre-machined components.
Main products are cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, bed plates and differential cases.

Funfrap foundry is located in Aveiro, 70 Km south of Oporto in Portugal. The ownership of Funfrap is Teksid (84%) and Portuguese investors (16%). The production capacity is 45,000 tons per year. Funfrap is certified ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO5001.  The plant was the first iron foundry of the FCA group to be awarded, in November 2015, the WCM Bronze Award.

Main customers are FCA (Fiat-Chrysler), OMR-GM, Renault, PSA and Honeywell.

Production facilities 
Melting 4 electric furnaces (7.3 tons each)
3 power units (4500 kVA)
1 Mezger automatic pouring line
Moulding 1 Osborn horizontal molding line Flask size 1000 x 800 x 300/300 max speed 125 mold/hour
1 robot (core setting)
Core-making 10 core machines (cold box)
1 core line for:
a) Cylinder Heads
b) “All In Core” cylinder blocks
6 core paint lines with dedicated ovens
16 robots for core handling, assembly, painting and packaging.
Finishing 1 cylinder block finishing line with mechanized grinding, trimming and robotized painting;
1 finishing line for cylinder heads;
1 finishing line for bed plates with mechanized grinding, trimming and robotized painting;
1 crankshaft finishing line
Machining 4 CNC milling machines (pre-machining)


Checking facilities 

2 automatic spectrometers
Sand laboratory
Metallographic laboratory
3D dimensional control machines, optical scanning machine

Development facilities 

Unigraphics, CATIA, AutoCad, Euclid


Una grande varietà di prodotti 

A large variety of products

Funfrap develops, industrializes and manufactures numerous families of products, in various types of cast iron for the automotive and commercial/medium duty vehicle industry.

It also carries out pre-machining of some products, such as differential cases.

Funfrap - Fundição Portuguesa S.A.

Mr. G. Vercelli  - President

Aveiro plant

Apartado 3
3801-652 CACIA Aveiro Portugal
Tel. +351.234.301791

I. Fernandes – General Manager




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