The Aluminum Foundry produces cylinder heads and cylinder blocks for light vehicles

Design and manufacture of aluminum components for auto-vehicles

Situated in Betim, Minas Gerais, 550 Km from São Paulo,  the plant covers a total area of 29,000m². Specialized in cylinder heads, it is currently developing the capabilities in order to produce cylinder blocks for technologically more advanced automotive manufacturers, reaching a production capacity of 1.3 million cylinder heads/year and 720,000 cylinder blocks/year.

Always striving toward excellence, Teksid do Brasil Aluminum currently holds ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 18001 and ISO 50001 certifications.

Focused on and mindful of customer satisfaction, Teksid Aluminum is making major investments in both quality and technology, including technical assistance, time to market, cost reduction programmes, logistics facilities, and increased prototype development capacity.

Production facilities 
Melting 1 Gas furnace (4 tons/h and 4 tons of holding chamber)
1 Gas furnace (2 tons/h and 10 tons of holding chamber)
1 Gas furnace (4 tons/h and 15 tons of holding chamber)
Casting 1 Gas holding furnace (24 tons)
2 Gas holding furnaces (3.2 tons. each)
1 Electric dosing  furnace (3 tons)
1 Electric holding furnace (1.2 tons)
1 Electric dosing furnace (0.8 tons)
Core-making 4 Cold-box core blowing machines (Hansberg)
1 Cold-box core blowing machine (IMF)
3 Hot-box core blowing machines (IMF)
Pouring 4 Turn tables – Cylinder Heads (pouring, cooling tower and shakeout)
1 Pouring island – Cylinder Heads
1 HPDC machine - Blocks (IDRA)
Finishing 9 machining centres
3 finishing lines with air decay control


Checking facilities 

Fiber Optic                         
3 Tri-dimensional computerised machines                        
Hardness test                   
1 X-ray machine
Mass Spectrometer

Development facilities 



Una grande varietà di prodotti 

A large variety of products

The Aluminum Plant develops, industrialises and manufactures cylinder heads and cylinder blocks for the automotive industry.

Teksid do Brasil LTDA.

Aluminum plant

A. Kuskowski - General Director

M.A. Raffo – Plant Manager

Apartado 3
32.681-080 Betim – Minas Gerais - Brazil
Tel. +55 31 3316-8803




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