The leading manufacturer and developer
of iron, aluminium and magnesium components.


New aluminum cylinder head

New aluminum block


Teksid is a world leader in the production of
iron, magnesium and aluminum castings for the automotive industry.
With operations spread out in Europe,
Central and South America and Asia.



Teksid is totally committed to sustainable development

Being a leader in one's field means much more than merely managing a successful company, it also entails ethical responsibility. With this in mind, each and every day Teksid does its utmost to operate in terms of sustainable development, looking to the future.


People matters.

Six plants and about 5.000 employees all over the world.
Enthusiasm, motivation and competence are the qualities that
we look for to work with us, that make Teksid one of the leading companies
in this area. Joining us means to realise your potential,
to face new challenges and to reach your goals.

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