More than 100
years of history



With the acquisition of Ferriere Piemontesi, formerly Vandel & Co., Industrie Metallurgiche Torino, and the plants of Ferriera di Buttigliera Alta (Avigliana), in 1917 FIAT succeeded in gaining a competitive edge by expanding into the iron and metal works sector.

For sixty years, with various changes made to adapt to the global economy, the “Ferriere” , as the FIAT ironworks are known, have continued to work, produce, and expand.

As early as 1985, Teksid boasted such important customers as the North American companies of Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford.

Towards the end of 1986, with a view to consolidating their presence in North America, the Teksid Aluminum Foundry was established as part of the company’s internationalization strategy.

Currently, Teksid has five production plants worldwide: three in Europe, one in South America and one in China.

With approximately 3.500 employees, Teksid supplies components for leading light and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers.