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The Group

Teksid is an Italian industrial group and world leader in the ironworks industry. The company operates in three product lines:
Teksid Iron produces iron casting parts for engines, suspensions and other components for the automotive and industrial vehicles sector.
Teksid Aluminum produces aluminum engine parts such as cylinder heads and cylinder blocks.

The Teksid group was founded in 1978 by the FIAT Group with a view to merging Ferriere Piemontesi, Industrie Metallurgiche Torino and Ferriera di Buttigliera Alta. With the subsequent 2014 merger of Fiat S.p.A. and the Chrysler Group into the new Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group, Teksid also became part of the FCA group, which is currently the seventh largest automotive manufacturer in the world and sector leader.

The company now has five plants worldwide: three in Europe, one in South America and one in China. Among the features that confirm Teksid as a world leader are long standing experience in the sector, cutting-edge automation and constant updating of technologies with a view to raising quality standards. All this is further enhanced by close collaboration with customers while developing products to meet their specific needs.