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Horizontal molding line, vertical parting line, vertical ALL-IN-CORE

Cast iron: standard grey and nodular, special grey (HPI), special nodular (SIMO-Ni-Resist), compacted graphite (CGI


Horizontal in flask In impact or compression systems for medium-large sized castings
Vertical Parting Line High-speed DISAMATIC systems
Vertical All-in-Core For the production of cylinder heads and cylinder blocks with smaller, high-precision sized gaskets


Standard Capable of meeting all international and customer standards
Special Nodular For manifolds and turbines in the various SIMO and NiResist classes
Special Grey HPI special grey for heavy-duty applications at high temperatures (cylinder heads), with thermal-mechanical fatigue strength (TMF) at 420°C and G=0.8>1000 cycles.
CGI SINTERCAST technology, for cylinder heads and cylinder blocks.