All cylinder heads and blocks for the brand new FCA Engine known as FIREFLY for the EMEA market are produced in Teksid Aluminum Carmagnola Plant.

By 2021 a total capacity of 800.000 set/y will be installed in Teksid Aluminum - Carmagnola Plant for a total investment over €120 Million.

The production started in April 2018 in Teksid Aluminum - Carmagnola Plant and it represents a significant technological leap forward for a site which, with more than 9 Million cylinder heads and blocks produced in the last 5 years, has consistently ranked among the best aluminum foundries in Europe.

The FIREFLY cylinder block is produced with high pressure die casting technology. Liners are casted-in (aluminum thermal sprayed coating on external liner surface provides optimal bonding with aluminum block) and after a trimming process and a T5 heat treatment, the cylinder block is machined and tested (water, high pressure and low pressure oil circuits): it is a supercubing machining process, that means not only a cubing operation but some finishing operations as well.

Let’s have a look on the FIREFLY cylinder block production and on its state-of-the-art production line……



14,5/18 KG casted-in liners


da 291x375x220 mm a 383x380x220mm

Primary Alloy

A383.1 / AlSi11Cu3(Fe)

Produced in

Go to plantsBetim, Brazil
Go to plantsCarmagnola plant 1, Italy

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