Carmagnola plant 2


Carmagnola plant 2

Design and manufacture of aluminum castings for the automotive industry in Lost Foam, Low Pressure and High Pressure Die Casting Technologies

The plant develops, industrializes and manufactures:

  • upper cylinder heads in Lost Foam technology
  • cylinder blocks in Low and High Pressure Die Casting

Product development and process tooling are carried out internally.
The cylinder blocks  can be supercubed, according to customer requirements.

The plant is located in Carmagnola, 20 kilometers south of Turin in Northern Italy.

The lost foam process was initially used to produce intake manifolds, upper and lower cylinder heads, camshaft carriers and engine blocks. Currently the cylinder blocks are also produced  in HPDC and LPDC.

Cores are made by means of  innovative inorganic binder technology. There is also a  supercubing line with 8 CNC workstations.

Product quality and total customer satisfaction are the main objectives of the plant. Infact,substantial sums have been spent in order to continuously improve the reliability of the manufacturing processes.

The production capacity is 7000 tons per year.

The plant is certified ISO-TS 16949, for quality system; ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS18001 for Environment Health & Safety Management System.

Main customers are: FCA and VM.


Production facilities 
Melting 1 Melting furnace 1.0 ton/h
1 Melting furnace 1.5 ton/h
1 Melting furnace 2.0 ton/h
Molding 6 foam molding machines
8 model slice gluing machines
2 model assembly machines
Core-Making 2 Inorganic Binder Core Machines
Casting 1 Lost Foam pouring line
2 Low Pressure pouring machines
1 High Pressure cell
Finishing 1 high pressure continuous furnace
1 Supercubing line with 8 CNC
1 CNC cubing line
1 cubing line
1 pre-machining cell


Checking facilities 

1 X-ray control machine
3 CMM for dimensional checks

Development facilities 

CATIA V5, NX9  Tebis 4.0
Magma 5.2 (LPDC, Gravity, HPDC, C+M, Residual Stress)
Flow 3D v.11

Una grande varietà di prodotti 


From Concept To Car

Teksid Aluminum has been certified member of "From Concept to Car" Project since 2007.


The Lost Foam Process

This process provides an interesting alternative for the production of geometrically complex parts for the automotive industry.
Engine designers, in particular, are displaying a growing interest in exploiting its near-net-shape potential for the production of aluminum alloy cylinder heads, camshaft carriers and engine blocks.


The Low Pressure Die Casting Process

In the low pressure die casting process the metal is transferred from an air tight furnace through a rising tube into a mechanical tool.

Instead of pouring the molten metal into the casting and allowing gravity to be the force that distributes the liquid material through the mold, pressure casting uses air pressure to force the metal through the gating system and the cavity of the casting.. This process can be used to cast high quality manufactured parts.

Low pressure die casting is a competitive casting method when the production quantity is relatively small and/or heat treatment is needed to improve the mechanical properties. The tolerances and the surface finish are the same as those achieved by gravity die casting.


The High Pressure Die Casting Process

Molten aluminum alloy is fed, via a shot sleeve, using a plunger, into a temperature controlled metal mold, cooled by water circuits and operated by a hydraulic press.

Feeding of the mold cavity is carried out applying high speed to the plunger.
The solidification of the part takes place by pressure applied by the plunger itself, to compensate for shrinkage.
Due to high speed and high pressure, sand cores cannot be used.  Each internal hollow cavity of the castings has to be designed and set by metallic pins in the mold.
Suitable for very high volume production of quality castings.
Very high dimensional precision.
Fast solidification of the parts for thin and homogeneous metal microstructures.

Teksid Aluminum S.r.l.
P. Airaldi, Chief Executive Officer

Carmagnola Plant 2

Carmagnola Headquarters and R&D
Via Umberto II, 5
10022 Carmagnola (Turin) Italy
Tel. +39.011.9794111
Fax +39.011.9794934

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