Carmagnola plant 1


Carmagnola plant 1

Design and manufacture of Semi Permanent Mold aluminum castings for the automotive industry

The plant develops, industrializes and manufactures cylinder heads and cylinder blocks in gravity die casting. Product development and process tooling are carried out internally. Castings are pre-machined and heat treated, according to customer requirements.


Teksid Aluminum is located in Carmagnola, close to Turin, in the north of Italy. The plant began to operate in 1967 and its principle concern over the years has been to gain vast experience in the field of aluminum parts for engines. The main objective of Carmagnola plant is "Product Quality".
Infact, substantial investments have been made to constantly improve  the reliability of its manufacturing processes, together with technological updating and staff training.

The production capacity is 32,000 tons per year.

The plant is certified ISO-TS 16949 for the quality system; ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS18001 for the Environment Health & Safety Management System.

Main customers are: FCA, CNH, VM, COFEVA & OMR.

Production facilities 
Melting 3 melting and holding furnaces 4 ton/h melting with 25 tons storage each
1 melting and holding furnace 0.75 ton/h melting
1 melting furnace 9 ton/h + 1 holding furnace 40 tons
Pouring 13 carousels
5 pouring benches
Core-making 19 - 40 L Cold box machines
1 – 25 L Cold box machine
1 – 16 L Cold box/inorganic machine
9 - 25 L Hot box machines
5 – 16 L Hot box machines
1 – 12 L Hot box machine
Finishing 3 continuous h.t. furnaces
5 batch h.t. furnaces
2 pre-machining lines
3 CNC machining lines
3 cubing lines
Washing machines
Air decay test for all products


Checking facilities 

1 - X-ray control machine
5 - 3-dimensional measuring machines
1 automatic spectrometer
Sand laboratory
Metallographic laboratory
Mechanical properties Laboratory

Development facilities 

CATIA V5, NX 9.0, Tebis 4.0
Magma 5.2 (LPDC, Gravity, HPDC, C+M, Residual Stress)
Flow 3D v.11
3D Printer

Una grande varietà di prodotti 


From Concept To Car

Teksid Aluminum has been certified member of "From Concept to Car" Project since 2007.


Teksid Aluminum S.r.l.

Carmagnola S.P.M. plant

P. Airaldi, Chairman
S. Verdiani, Unit Manager

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