Specialised in the development and production of grey iron and nodular iron castings for the automotive and commercial vehicles industry

The plant develops, industrializes, and produces various types of special iron castings for the automotive sector, in particular safety components such as suspension arms and steering knuckles, as well as manifolds, differential cases,  crankshafts and cam shafts.

The Skoczów plant is located in southern Poland, approx 110 km from Cracow and 15 km from the Czech border. It stretches over an area of 120,000 m2 (61,000 m2 of which covered). The plant was built in 1974. The annual production capacity is 70,000 tons.

The plant is certificated ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001.

Main customers: FCA, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, Brembo, Renault, Dacia

Production facilities 
Melting 4 electric (medium frequency) furnaces - 12 tons,10 MW each
2 electric (power line frequency) furnaces - 60 tons, 8 MW each
2 electric (power line frequency) furnaces - 24 tons, 1 MW each
Moulding 2 flask moulding lines with horizontal parting line 700x800x(260+260)mm
1 flaskless moulding line with vertical parting line 650x850x450mm
Pouring 8-ton channel furnace
4-ton automatic ladle
2.5-ton automatic pressure ladle
Finishing Deburring by grinding
Deburring by press
Other: Core shop
Model shop


Checking facilities 

Flame emission spectrometer
Automatic carbon and sulfur determinator
Sand laboratory
Metallographic laboratory
Brinell hardness tester
Tensile and impact test machine
X-ray machines
Magnetoscope machines
Ultrasonic machines
3D measuring machine
Measuring arm


Development facilities 



Una grande varietà di prodotti 

A large variety of products

Teksid Iron Poland develops, industrializes and manufactures numerous families of products in various types of cast iron for the automotive industry.

Main products:

  • Safety parts: steering knuckles, suspension arms, braking discs and drums, brake callipers
  • Other automotive parts: crankshafts, camshafts, differential cases, brackets

Teksid Iron Poland Sp. z o. o.

G. Vercelli, President
Dawid Kaczyński, Plant Manager

Skoczów plant

ul. Ciężarowa 49
43-430 Skoczów, Poland
Tel. +48 33 853 82 00
Fax +48 33 853 49 70



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